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Buy wireless air pump, it depends on whether the complete set of equipment and accessories are sufficient. In addition to the main engine, some accessories can help with tire inflation. For example, the lighting system is very useful if it is filled at night or in places with insufficient light. In addition, there are inflation nozzles or tubes, tools for car repair, etc. It's very important to drive safely. If there is a problem with the tire during high-speed driving, the consequence is unimaginable. Therefore, it's necessary to check the condition of the tire frequently. Among them, the tire pressure is the most important one. If the tire loses air, it's necessary to quickly supplement and balance it.
When choosing a car mounted air pump, you should choose it according to your own model. At present, the car mounted air pump on the market is mainly divided into horizontal bar and parallel bar. The disadvantages of the air pump on the horizontal bar are insufficient air pressure, long inflation time, and large cars are not suitable for use, but the price will be cheaper. Compared with the horizontal bar, the air pump on the parallel bar does not have the disadvantages mentioned above. The price is a little higher and the range of use is wider. It is suitable for small and large cars. If the economy permits, you can generally choose the parallel bar as far as possible.
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In addition, the accuracy of the tire pressure dial of the vehicle mounted inflation pump should also be noted. In order to ensure the accuracy of the inflation data, the accuracy is very important. The large brand tire pressure gauges generally adopt the embedded integrated design to avoid the impact and loosening of the tire pressure gauge, which will affect the accuracy of the measurement data. This vehicle mounted air pump is a parallel bar air pump with auxiliary auto repair tools and lighting system. It can be used for emergency lighting at night. The aluminum alloy air pipe interface and extension line can meet the daily air filling demand. Generally, it takes only 80 seconds to replenish air. Two types of tire pressure dial are enough for use, and the data is more accurate.
It is made of new and upgraded rubber material, which is resistant to 180 degrees of high temperature, high pressure and abrasion. It has built-in fuse, overload and power-off protection. The fuse can also be replaced. It can be fixed and inflated with a button. High quality, high power, high inflation pressure, fast inflation, short inflation time, easy to use, and not affected by the region, traffic and climate. It can be carried at any time, and the tire leaks suddenly, so it can be used for emergency at any time.
Simple inflation head, press the button to fix immediately, no need to screw, multi-functional nozzle combination, suitable for and cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. inflation, hidden trunking, solve the problem of leisure and clutter, make the placement more fashionable and beautiful. Using pure copper high temperature resistant copper core, practical insulating rubber, stable work, high efficiency, high quality tire pressure gauge, you can check the tire pressure at any time, maintain normal tire pressure, ensure driving safety.
Trough type gas pipe collection design, the direct peripheral behind the gas pipe, around can not be disordered, do not occupy space, easy to switch the inflation pump, multi-functional gas nozzle group, a variety of inflation joints, convenient for many kinds of car inflation. Exquisite fuselage, easy to carry, strong air pump, quick restart, portable safety air pump, bright LED lighting, let you not be afraid of the dark, copper thick coil, brass movement, strong flow of 35L per minute.
Copper movement can be accurate to 0.2bar, better stability, real-time understanding of tire pressure, more safe and reliable, the connection is made of aluminum alloy, the internal thread is expected to connect who, better fixed gas belt and gas cylinder, prevent air leakage, safe and reliable. The three side air vent design can suppress and eliminate the noise generated by the air pump, and the four damping rubber pads can well alleviate the vibration and noise, so as to achieve the effect of stable and rapid restart.
It only needs to replace the corresponding air pumping head of the object that needs to be inflated, and then it can be easily inflated with one click. It does not need long waiting and no effort. It only needs to replace the corresponding connector and then turn on the air pump to automatically inflate. Aviation alloy real material, more durable horsepower, strong and stable copper coil, faster and boundless sports car power, accurate reading, prevent inaccurate reading, insufficient tire pressure lead to tire protection.
The vehicle mounted inflation pump comes with a tire repair kit, which supports lighting and cigarette lighter interface, so it is easy to use. The pump is suitable for cars, off-road vehicles and MPV business vehicles. The multi-function air nozzle can also inflate motorcycles, bicycles, rubber boats and balls.



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